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Bitcoin Tycoon to Give $86M Worth of Bitcoins to Charity

Bitcoin Tycoon

A Bitcoin (BTC) tycoon announced that he would be giving away a little over 5,000 bitcoins worth $86.4 million to charity. (Read: What’s Bitcoin?) The anonymous cryptocurrency “whale” (another term used to describe those who own lots of bitcoins) announced on Reddit that he has set up the Pineapple Fund for his philanthropic endeavor. A website was also created for …

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Transitioning From Windows to Mac? Use This Crossover Program

Mac Windows

You’ve recently bought a Mac, and you’re excited to use it. When you reach home, you realize that your old desktop’s programs are powered by Windows, and you still want to use them on your Mac Let’s face it. Many people still use Windows programs, but Macs are gaining popularity. (Read: The Whole ‘Mac vs. PC’ Thing Is So Over) …

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A Photoshop Course Will Teach You the Skill for Only $29

Photoshop Courses

In the past, we’d leave Photoshopping to photographers because we don’t want to take the risk of coming out with horribly photoshopped images. (Read: 120 Photoshop Tips, Tricks and Fixes) Now, you can be a Photoshop pro through a Complete Photoshop Mastery Bundle composed of eight courses and 20 hours of training. Courses Offered The eight courses are: 1. Master …

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Lyft Now Operates in Toronto

Lyft Toronto

Lyft has gone international. The San Francisco-based ride-sharing company has begun operating in Toronto, Canada – its first service outside of the U.S. Lyft announced last month that it would be operating in Canada but did not say when. (Read: Lyft to Operate Soon in Toronto) Competition By launching its first Canadian service, Lyft is now out to compete abroad …

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Learn Computer Science for Only $39

Computer Science

In this day and age, computer science is a skill that is required by many companies. But taking a computer science course or major in college can be expensive. (Read: Women Computer Science Students Given Boost by Leading Games Company) Comprehensive Computer Science Package However, there is a complete computer science bundle that you can purchase without having to dig …

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Google Maps to Tell a Commuter When It’s Time to Get off a Bus or Train

Google Maps

You’re traveling to work, or you’re going someplace to visit a friend, but you dozed off. When you wake up, you find out that you’ve missed the train or bus stop where you’re supposed to get off. That kind of situation can be frustrating, if not stressful. Fret no more because Google Maps will soon launch a feature that will …

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Somnox – The World’s First Sleep Robot


Going to sleep can be a struggle for many people. Those who trouble to sleep would try the “counting sheep” method or take sleep supplements to make them drift off to dreamland in a few minutes, if not right away. (Read: Healthy Sleep Tips) According to the National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep Health Index, 45 percent of Americans said that poor …

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Bitcoin Mega-Heist: Company Loses Millions of Dollars


Bitcoin Mega-HeistHackers “stole” an approximate $80 million worth of Bitcoin from NiceHash – a cryptocurrency mining company based in Slovenia. (Read: Millions ‘Stolen’ in NiceHash Bitcoin Heist) In a six-minute Facebook livestream, the company’s founders, Marko Kobal and co-founder Sasa Coh, apologized for the incident and assured customers that they are doing all they can to recover the stolen Bitcoins. …

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Fingerprint Sensor on Smartphones Coming Soon

Fingerprint Sensor

Synaptics Incorporated has announced plans to come out with an optical in-display fingerprint sensor for smartphones. And the venture will be done with a “top five OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)” which the San Jose-based company did not identify. Synaptics isn’t the first company to develop fingerprint technology though. Mashable reported back in June that Chinese company Vivo came out with …

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Amazon Australia Is Up and Running

Amazon Australia

The world’s biggest online retailer has begun operating in Australia. Amazon.com.au went live in the Land Down Under on Tuesday after a soft launch on November 23. (Read: Amazon Launches in Australia – Sort Of) Items on Amazon Australia’s site, however, were not ready for purchase at that time. Biggest Thing to Happen in Australia’s Retail Sector Reports said the …

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