Bitcoin Mega-Heist: Company Loses Millions of Dollars


Bitcoin Mega-HeistHackers “stole” an approximate $80 million worth of Bitcoin from NiceHash – a cryptocurrency mining company based in Slovenia. (Read: Millions ‘Stolen’ in NiceHash Bitcoin Heist) In a six-minute Facebook livestream, the company’s founders, Marko Kobal and co-founder Sasa Coh, apologized for the incident and assured customers that they are doing all they can to recover the stolen Bitcoins. …

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Fingerprint Sensor on Smartphones Coming Soon

Fingerprint Sensor

Synaptics Incorporated has announced plans to come out with an optical in-display fingerprint sensor for smartphones. And the venture will be done with a “top five OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)” which the San Jose-based company did not identify. Synaptics isn’t the first company to develop fingerprint technology though. Mashable reported back in June that Chinese company Vivo came out with …

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Amazon Australia Is Up and Running

Amazon Australia

The world’s biggest online retailer has begun operating in Australia. went live in the Land Down Under on Tuesday after a soft launch on November 23. (Read: Amazon Launches in Australia – Sort Of) Items on Amazon Australia’s site, however, were not ready for purchase at that time. Biggest Thing to Happen in Australia’s Retail Sector Reports said the …

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Lyft Revenues Rise in the 1st Half of 2017

Lyft Higher Revenue

U.S. ride-hailing service Lyft enjoyed a surge in revenue in the first six months of the year, according to an Information report, citing financial statements of the company. Lyft is Uber’s chief rival in the ride-hailing market. Lyft’s revenue for January to June reached $438 million. Lyft earned about $150 million in the same period last year. The good news …

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Apple Taps Watch to Monitor Irregular Heartbeat

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch will be used by its manufacturer to detect irregular heart rhythms as part of a study to be conducted along with the Stanford University School of Medicine. Apple announced that it had developed a Heart Study App that will look out for irregular heartbeats. (Read: What Causes Abnormal Heart Rhythms?) Innovative Study Apple said the app “is …

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Amazon Alexa Is Coming to Offices

Amazon Alexa

Those who’ve purchased Alexa and installed Amazon’s digital voice assistant at home find the device fun to use A user can ask Alexa for the latest weather report and news as well as information. Alexa can even be made to control temperature and light settings. (Read: Furby Is Now Powered by Alexa) Amazon now allows people to use Alexa in …

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Facebook Taps AI in Suicide Prevention Efforts

Facebook Posts

Facebook has announced that it will roll out artificial intelligence (AI) “to help identify when someone might be expressing thoughts of suicide, including on Facebook Live.” The AI suicide prevention tool will be available worldwide, except in the European Union (EU), according to the announcement made by Facebook Vice President of Production Management Guy Rosen. The tool will not be …

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Cyber Monday Online Sales Set New All-Time High

Cyber Monday

Black Friday sales reached a little over $5 billion but Cyber Monday officially became the biggest online sales day in the U.S. this year as purchases reached $6.59 billion. And shoppers have post-Cyber Monday sales they can still get. (Read: You Can Still Get Cyber Monday Deals Right Now) Adobe, which analyzes 80 percent of online transactions to the 100 …

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Substitute Phone: For Those Who Have That Compulsion to Swipe and Scroll Often

Substitute Phone

Do you get fidgety when you’re not handling your smartphone? Do you have that compulsion to swipe and scroll continually? There is a product out there to address that need to do something even if you’re not using your smartphone and it aptly called a Substitute Phone. The device was made by Austrian product and furniture designer Klemens Schillinger. (Read: …

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Thanksgiving E-Commerce Sales up More Than $1.5B


It’s Black Friday and today usually marks the beginning of the holiday sales season. Retailers are prepared to face the mad rush of shoppers in their stores and orders on their website. (Read: From Turkey to Trimmings, Thanksgiving Food Sales Are Moving Online) Adobe and IBM, two firms that track traffic to numerous e-commerce sites, reported that online sales are …

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