Microsoft Surface Laptop Is Now $200 Cheaper

Surface Laptop

Microsoft has begun selling a new Surface Laptop that’s $200 cheaper than the previous model. Windows Central was the first to report about the $799 model. The older model, launched last year with the Surface Pro, costs $999. (Read: Microsoft Is Now Selling the Surface Laptop with an Intel Core m3 Processor for $799) The Verge reported that Microsoft did …

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YouTube Go: Data-Saving Service Expands to 130 Countries

Youtube Go

For many of us, it’s fun (and mostly entertaining) to watch videos on YouTube on your mobile phone. But it can also be expensive as it uses much data. (Read: YouTube Stars Settle Twitter War in the Ring: 1.6 Million Viewers) If you want to save your data plan, there’s a way for you to watch YouTube videos offline through …

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Facebook Suffers Slowest User Growth Ever

Facebook Daily User

Facebook has released its earnings report for the last three months of 2017. While the world’s most extensive social network enjoyed a 47-percent increase in revenue in the fourth quarter of last year compared with income recorded during the same period in 2016, the company suffered its slowest user growth in years. Lesser Time Spent on the Site Noted Also, …

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Firefox Quantum Update Fixes Security Vulnerability

Firefox Quantum

Mozilla has rolled out an update to the Firefox Quantum browser to fix a security flaw. The vulnerability was first discovered by Cisco, which came out with a report about it on Tuesday. The Hacker News later saw the Cisco report and came out with an article about it. (Read: Update Your Firefox Browser to Fix a Critical Remotely Exploitable …

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Google Clips Are Already Available for Order

Google Clips

Google Clips – the $249 artificial intelligence-powered camera – is ready to order. However, Android Police said deliveries are not expected until March. The camera was introduced to the public during a Pixel 2 event back in October. (Read: Google’s Surprise Camera Autonomously Snaps Photos) The camera, which was revealed at the end of the event, snaps photos of what’s …

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Google Bulletin App out to Promote Citizen Journalism

Bulletin App

Google is testing a new app called Bulletin that allows residents in a community to report and post local news stories. All that a registered user has to have is a smartphone. (Read: Google Chrome Users Can Now Mute Those Annoying Autoplay Ads) Slate first reported about a Google post that came out online on Thursday about the app. Hyperlocal …

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Coincheck Loses $400M in Cryptocurrency in Cyberattack


Japanese exchange Coincheck Inc. revealed on Friday last week that it lost 500 million tokens of NEM worth $400 million to hackers. NEM, according to a TechCrunch report, “is a distributed ledger platform primarily aimed at enabling payments and other financial services” and is the 10th biggest largest cryptocurrency based on total coin market cap. Japan’s Financial Services Agency is …

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Apple out to Provide Easy Access to Medical Records on iPhone

Medical Records

Apple is testing a way to give iPhone user easy access to their medical records through the Health app. Apple chief operating officer (COO) Jeff Williams confirmed the test to CNBC. The test confirms rumors that came out in June about Apple’s healthcare initiative. (Read: Apple Rumored to Be Working on a Revolutionary Health Care Project) For iPhone and Apple …

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4 Effective Strategies to Improve Your Productivity

Productivity Strategies

It’s been tough at work the past several days. You are suffering body pains, your eyes are red and stinging because you lack sleep, and you’re mentally exhausted. At the end the day, you recall the tasks you’ve done and realize that you haven’t really accomplished anything substantial. * sigh * Although you’ve been “busy,” so to speak, you failed …

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Apple HomePod Is Coming Any Day Now

Apple Homepod

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved the sale of Apple’s HomePod. It means that the Siri-powered speaker, which reportedly costs $349, would be out on the market anytime now. Delayed Launch Apple was supposed to launch the HomePod last year but decided to delay it to early this year as the company “needed a little more time” to …

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