Signal Is Now A Desktop Standalone App

Desktop App

Good news, Signal users! The secure messaging platform has announced that it has released a standalone desktop app. Thus, you don’t need to use a Chrome browser to have a secure and private Signal chat with your friends. Secure Chat Do you doubt the security and privacy of chats on Signal? Well, the Senate doesn’t. (Read: US Senate Approves Encrypted …

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Wonder Workshop Chatty Robots To Teach Kids How To Code

Wonder Workshop

Young minds quickly absorb and retain any new thing they learn, and they apply it in real-life situations. With that belief, Wonder Workshop has thought of coming up with talking robots that will help children how to code. The Bay Area startup has announced that it has raised $41 million in a Series C round of funding. Chinese tech giant …

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Protect Your Email Account Against Password Theft With Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator

Amid threats of hacking and password theft, Google has introduced a free security app to protect your email account. Google Authenticator generates 2-Step Verification Codes on your phone. You can learn more about the 2-Step Verification here. The 2-Step Verification is offered on Gmail and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. The app is compatible with all …

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Need To Market Your Business? Take A Facebook Online Course

Facebook Ads

Social media can connect people in a variety of ways. It can be a platform to share your thoughts and news, post photos, discuss ideas, and engage in arguments (constructive and rational or the opposite). Businesspeople and professionals also tap portals like Facebook to promote their businesses or communicate to a target group of people via the site’s ads. Certification …

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Slack Screen Sharing Tool Now Lets A Co-Worker Control Your PC

Slack Shared Screen

In response to requests to add the feature, Slack has added a new tool that allows a co-worker to interact with the screen in several ways. Previously, the collaborative workplace site allowed users on a call to only share a screen with co-workers. Up To 15 Participants Slack said users can share control of their screen with up to 15 …

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Good News, Facebookers! You May Soon Upload Normal Videos and Livestream With 4K Format

Facebook 4K Videos

As far as video uploads using 4K format are concerned, Facebook is way behind other platforms. The video uploading and sharing site went after higher quality content and began supporting ultra-high quality video seven years ago. According to a TechCrunch report, Facebook has confirmed that it is testing 4K video uploads and viewing using the 2160p resolution. The 2160p resolution …

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Publishers May Have To Pay To Be On Facebook News Feed

Facebook News Feed

Facebook has begun testing separate feeds for posts from friends and family members of a subscriber while the other features posts from Pages. The test covers Facebook users in six countries, namely, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Serbia, Bolivia, Guatemala, and Cambodia. Confirmation About Test Mashable reported that a Facebook spokesperson confirmed the conduct of the test to Filip Struhárik, editor and …

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Google Reportedly Plans To Share Revenues With News Publications

Google Revenue Share

Google is reportedly considering sharing a chunk of its revenues to news publications to grow and maintain subscribers, according to a Financial Times report. The Internet search giant will reportedly “use its trove of personal user data, combined with machine learning algorithms, to help news publishers identify potential new subscribers and target their current subscribers for renewals.” Google, however, said …

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New Document Version Works Like Video Game Minecraft

New Document Version

A startup founded by a two former Googlers has come up with a simpler version of documents called Coda. In a Medium blog post on the launch, Coda co-founder Shishir Mehrotra said: “Coda is a new type of doc that blends the flexibility of documents, the power of spreadsheets, and the utility of applications into a single new canvas.” “That’s …

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