These Evergreen Tips Will Skyrocket Your Internet Marketing Results


While there are bajillions of methods that you can employ to boost your internet marketing campaign’s results, a lot of these methods do not stand the test of time.

They may get you the results that you want right now, or even a few months after – but after X amount of time, you’ll find that these methods will simply stop working its wonders. Considering how fast paced the World Wide Web evolves, what can you expect, right?

The good news is, there are evergreen tips that you can employ to make the most out of your campaigns. And since we’re talking about evergreen tips, these will stand the test of time. That said, even if you’ll do these tips years after, you’ll find that they’ll consistently help you get good results out of your marketing campaigns.

What evergreen tips am I talking about? Read on…

Use email marketing.

The thing with email marketing is there’s not much friction between the marketer and the prospect customer. Why, you might ask? That’s because they’ve allowed the marketer to pitch their products to them since they’ve opted in to the marketer’s sign-up form.

That means, that you’ve established a level of trust/relationship with your prospect customers allowing you to better position yourself to get more sales.

Isn’t it amazing how email marketing puts you at such a strategic position? The best part is, there are email marketing tools that allows you to easily run campaigns in a couple of minutes and helps you automate the process. Considering the benefits that you can achieve with email marketing, it makes total sense for you to jump in the email marketing bandwagon.

Split test.

Split testing is commonly used in CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). It allows you to determine which of your marketing methods/tools are working since it involves measuring the results that you’ll get every time you make some changes on your pages or specific elements in your marketing campaigns.

A good example would be changing the color of your “Buy Now” buttons. Some would find that changing their button’s colors to red gets them more clicks than the color green.

Drill down a niche as much as you can.

This is especially true when doing affiliate marketing. You’ll find that if you’re targeting a broad niche like health, you’ll get very poor results compared to targeting very specific ones like “weight loss for women who’s recently given birth”. Can you see how the second niche is drilled down? The more specific you get, the better your results.

These tips will surely take your internet marketing results to the next level. But remember… Simply reading and learning won’t take you anywhere. You have to act on what you’ve read and be very proactive in tweaking and improving the tips. If you do that, then it’s just going to be a matter of time before you see the results that you’ve been looking for.

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  1. Great tips Jimmy. I learnt to become very specific with my niche the hard way many years ago, when I created an ad campaign in the category of business. I found that I wasted a lot of money trying to rank well for such a broad keyword, but when I narrowed the niche down to the specific audience I was trying to target my sales went through the roof! The Internet has grown so much that you simply cannot afford to attempt to rank for broad and generalised keywords, instead you must make them as narrow and targeted as possible at just the people you want to target.

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