Google Launches Lighter Version of Google Mail

Gmail Go

Android users, rejoice! There is now a lightweight version of Gmail.

Compared to Gmail, which uses 47 MB of storage space and has a download speed of 20.66 MB, Gmail Go occupies about 25 MB of space and has 9.51 MB download speed, a TechCrunch report said.

The Same Features as Gmail

Also, Gmail Go has “multiple account support, conversation view, attachments, and push notifications for new messages.”

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Emails from friends and family are on the Priority list while promotions and social notifications are in separate tabs.

Gmail Go is already available on Google Play.

Google did not announce the rollout of Gmail Go and declined to comment when asked for details about the app’s features, and how it benefits low-end smartphones, TechCrunch said.

But TechCrunch also said the reason why Google did not announce Gmail Go is that not all users can have it.

Instead, Gmail Go will only be available to install from the Play Store, and for update purposes, on devices that already have Gmail Go pre-installed,” TechCrunch added.

Choppy Scrolling

Those who have used Gmail Go mentioned that scrolling on Gmail Go “is a much more choppy experience than on the standard Gmail.

Gmail Go also “syncs fewer days of emails and attachments to use less bandwidth. But overall, there are not many noticeable differences between Gmail and Gmail Go, in terms of feature set,” TechCrunch reported.

The launching of Gmail Go comes just a few day after Google announced that it is testing a new feature called Reply that would also work with other messaging apps like Hangout and Facebook Messenger.

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What’s Next?

Google has silently introduced Gmail Go for Android.

What can you say about the app? Write down your thoughts below.

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