An iOS Bug That Crashes Your iPhone Is on the Loose

iOs bugiPhone users, beware. There’s a new iOS bug out there.

The bug is contained in a message with a single character from the Indian Telugu language.

When a user of an iPhone running iOS 11.2.5 opens the message, the device will revert to its login screen and require the user to enter his or her PIN again as well as crash or restrict access to iMessage and other apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Mashable said.

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Italian blog Mobile World discovered the bug and The Verge “tested it successfully on multiple iPhones running iOS 11.2.5.”

The Verge also said that the bug affects macOS versions of Safari and Messages, adding that Apple plans to resolve the problem through an iOS update before the rollout of iOS 11.3 in spring.

Quick Fix

In the meantime, Mashable said, “the only way to fix it is to delete the message thread, which you’ll presumably have to do from a Mac app or desktop web browser, depending on the service.”

If that’s not available to you, you might be able to delete the thread when you receive a new message on it.”

The new bug comes just a month after attackers released ChaiOS, which freezes an iPhone. Apple fixed the problem in less than a week.

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What’s Next?

A new bug that’s contained in a message with a single Telugu language character is on the loose. The bug crashes an iPhone and restricts access to iMessage and other messaging apps.

Apple, however, said it would address the problem in an iOS update.

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