Learn How to Be a Better Leader With This Leadership Course

Learn to LeadThere may be some of you who are out to seek that promotion to a department or office head this year.

Or maybe even be the boss of one’s company.

To be a manager, one has to possess particular skills that would make him or her a good leader.

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And that is what Courses for Success is offering in a 10-course The 2018 Learn to Lead Bundle that has 120 lessons. The bundle costs $29.99.

Courses in the Bundle

1. Leadership & Influence

There are 12 lessons involved and 10 hours of study. An enrollee will learn and understand what leadership means.

2. Supervising Others

The 12 lessons and 10 hours of study will help an enrollee become an efficient manager.

3. Coaching & Mentoring

An enrollee will learn the difference between coaching and mentoring through the 12 lessons and 10 hours of study provided in this course.

5. Performance Management

With the 12 lessons and 10 hours of study, an enrollee would learn how performance management works and the tools needed to make it work.

5. Assertiveness and Self-Confidence

The 12 units of study and 10 hours of content would teach an enrollee about assertiveness and self-confidence as well as the four important styles of communication.

6. Interpersonal Skills

This course has 12 units and 10 hours of content that will make the enrollee understand the difference between listening and hearing as well know how to improve skills of asking questions and communicating with those in power.

7. Time Management

Time management skills can be learned by the enrollee via 12 lessons and 10 hours of study.

8. Goal Setting & Getting Things Done

This course has 12 lessons and 10 hours of study that would teach an enrollee that basics of goal-setting.

9. Be a More Likeable Boss

The course has 12 lessons and 10 hours of content that will make an enrollee understand how to develop leadership qualities, delegate tasks effectively, and

choose inspirational tasks for him or her and others.

10. Personal Productivity

This course has 12 units and 10 hours of content that would teach and enrollee to analyze and refocus on more productive results.

What’s Next?

Anybody can become an effective manager with the 10-course bundle offered by Courses for Success.

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