Let Superphone Track Your Calls and Messages

SuperphoneRapper Ryan Leslie’s tech startup SuperPhone is offering to monitor calls and messages of the phone’s users for a minimal rate.

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Connecting With Fans

When Leslie formed SuperPhone, he envisioned the text messaging-based CRM and sales tool as a way for celebrities to connect with fans, message them directly, and ultimately sell more products, according to Mashable.

A statement on SuperPhone’s site said the tool “empowers you by activating direct conversations with the people who matter most.”

Leslie, who worked as a producer for the likes of Snoop Dogg and Usher, said he is building a way for artists “to own their relationship with their fans,” adding that social networks were not working for celebrities to connect with their fans.

A Different Way of Doing Things

Ben Horowitz of Andreessen Horowitz – a venture capital company – told Mashable a few years back that what Leslie did “was quite different.”

“He was one of those guys who had a fan base, like a real fan base, but couldn’t sell enough records to really earn a living on a label. So he set out to develop the technology so he himself could earn a living.”

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With his SuperPhone, Leslie can track his fans and his record sales in one place.


Leslie now wants the rest of the world to use SuperPhone – not just celebrities.

He recently secured $2.5 million under a seed round and hired serial entrepreneur Sid Conklin as chief technology officer.

He now has 22 employees and brings in about $100,000 monthly from annualized contracts with users and partners.

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What’s Next?

Rapper Ryan Leslie is offering to let his SuperPhone track messages and calls for a fee.

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