MacBook Turns 10 Years Old

MacbookThe MacBook turned 10 years old on Monday and people have been reminiscing how the late Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs whipped it out of an envelope on stage at MacWorld.

Since then, as Mashable pointed out, the launching of what’s considered as Apple’s best product even “changed laptops forever.”

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A Shadow of Its Old Self

But 10 years after Mr. Jobs introduced it, the MacBook’s first model – MacBook Air – is a mere “shadow of its former self,” according to Mashable.

The site recalled that the MacBook Air wasn’t a huge hit among consumers at first.

While it was the “thinnest and lightest laptop the world had ever seen,” it was an underpowered laptop so consumers would be better off buying the bulky MacBook or MacBook Pro.

Minus Points of the Original MacBook Air

The first MacBook Air model had an underpowered Intel processor, slow 4,200 RPM hard drive, poor battery life, and only had one USB port, Micro DVI port, and headphone jack.

Apple then came up with a redesigned MacBook Air in 2010. The upgraded machine had faster processors and storage by switching to solid drives, two 2.0 USB ports that were replaced by 3.0 ports, SD card slot, longer battery life, among other improvements.

Since then, the MacBook Air has not had an upgrade.

Meanwhile, the MacBook Pro is also still the same and reports said that while Apple “is listening” to suggestions to upgrade the machine, the company won’t release any major upgrade this year.

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What’s Next?

There are still things that the Apple can do to improve the MacBooks. Do you agree with the suggestions?

What can you say about the topic? Share your thoughts below.

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