Mobile World Congress to Introduce New Android Devices

Android DevicesSmartphone makers Sony, Samsung, Huawei, and ASUS, just to name a few, will headline this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) to be held in Barcelona, Spain.

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The MWC, which is the biggest mobile industry event every year, will kick off on Monday and end on March 1.

Smartphones That May Be Introduced at the MWC

A Mashable report said mobile phone enthusiasts expect the following smartphones to be presented at the MWC:

  • A new version of LG V30 that may be named LG V30S.
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+.
  • A new Huawei phone (the company has no scheduled event at the MWC though but does have one in Paris next month).
  • A new Sony phone.
  • Three new smartphones by Alcatel.
  • A new phone from Nokia.
  • Asus Zenfone 5.
  • Phones from other manufacturers like BlackBerry, ZTE, and Lenovo.

5G Project

Aside from mobile phone manufacturers though, tech companies like Intel will also be introducing and demonstrating new products or services at the event.

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Also, Internet search giant Google will reportedly make a major push of augmented reality technology for Android at the convention, according to a Variety report, citing sources who know about the company’s plans.

Google will reportedly release ARCore framework, “which will allow third-party developers to bring AR apps to Android phones.”

There may also be tech that can be used in cars to be presented at the MWC just like last year when Peugeot presented its Instinct concept car to the surprise of participants.

What’s Next?

Mobile phone fans expect a lot of new Android gadgets to be introduced at the MWC by phone makers. Intel is also going to introduce its 5G service.

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