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Security Researchers Find Flaw in Amazon Key

Amazon Key

A security company has revealed that Amazon Key is not foolproof, but the online retail giant assured that the delivery system is safe. Amazon Key allows couriers access inside a house or apartment to drop off a package if the recipient isn’t around. (Read: Amazon Key Is a New Service That Lets Couriers Unlock Your Front Door) After studying the …

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Google Docs Users Press Panic Button After Tool Went Down for an Hour

Google Docs

Google’s word document and file-sharing tool went down for about an hour on Wednesday afternoon, disrupting work among users worldwide. It was the second incident involving Google Docs in recent weeks after some users complained in October of being locked out of their files after their work had been erroneously labeled as “inappropriate.” (Read: Google Docs Error Locks out Users) …

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Mozilla Has Changed Its Default Browser to Google Again


If you live in the U.S., Canada, Hong Kong, and Taiwan and have Mozilla Firefox Quantum on your PC, have you used it today? Well, check it out now because the default search engine has changed from Yahoo to Google – again. After dropping Google in 2014, Mozilla then forged a five-year agreement with Yahoo. Mozilla is a web browser …

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