Project Fi Is Now Available in 35 More Countries

Project FiGoogle announced on Thursday that data coverage provided by Project Fi is now available in 35 more countries.

From 135 nations, the total number of countries and territories where users can take advantage of Project Fi’s service is now at 170.

Same High-Speed International Coverage

Starting today (Thursday), you can enjoy data coverage in 170 countries and territories. Like always, the data you use abroad costs the same as the data you use at home,” Jean Choi, Project Fi product manager, said in a blog post.

You’ll continue to enjoy the same high-speed international coverage, now in more places like Belize and Myanmar. And if you need some extra data when you travel, don’t sweat it—your data is still just $10 per GB or free with built-in Bill Protection.

SMS usage is unlimited while voice calls to the U.S. from supported countries costs 20 cents a minute, according to a TechCrunch article

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The Verge said the Bill Protection feature “always caps data bills at a maximum of $60 per month for individual accounts.”

Email Notification About Coverage

Meanwhile, Google also said Project Fi will now let a traveler know via Gmail whether he or she is covered on his or her next trip based on the user’s upcoming international flights

You’ll receive a notification in your Project Fi app shortly before your trip that allows you to easily see your coverage options and costs. These notifications will be enabled by default, but you can turn them off in your account settings.”

What’s Next?

Data coverage by Google’s Project Fi has been expanded to more countries.

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Not only that, a traveler will be notified via Gmail if he or she is covered for any upcoming travels abroad.

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