Signal Is Now A Desktop Standalone App

Desktop AppGood news, Signal users!

The secure messaging platform has announced that it has released a standalone desktop app.

Thus, you don’t need to use a Chrome browser to have a secure and private Signal chat with your friends.

Secure Chat

Do you doubt the security and privacy of chats on Signal? Well, the Senate doesn’t.

(Read: US Senate Approves Encrypted Chat App Signal for Staff Use)

Engadget said the U.S. Senate decided to use encrypted chats amid the Democratic National Convention (DNC) leaks and recent cyber attacks.

Signal said the “new desktop version of Signal runs independently of a browser.”

If you’re a Firefox or Safari user, you don’t need to install Chrome to send and receive Signal messages on your computer.”

If you’re a Chrome user, having your browser open will no longer be synonymous with having Signal Desktop open.”

Available on Various OS

The Signal standalone app is available for:

  • Windows 64-bit: 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • MacOS 10.9 and above
  • Linux distributions supporting Advanced Package Tool (APT), like Ubuntu or Debian

Signal users who already have the Chrome App installed can port their data over during the setup process.

But TechCrunch advised that Signal users “might want to sign in to the old version first just to make sure it’s all authenticated and so on.”

Signal assured that “all old conversations and contacts” will be in the desktop app, “just like before.

It’s as easy as selecting a place on disk for the data and then finding that directory again to kick off the import.”


If you’ve tried out the Signal standalone app on the desktop, the service wants to get feedback about it.

You can talk about this release on the forums, file any bugs you run into, and if you need more help than those standard channels can provide, you can contact support.”

What’s Next?

Now that Signal is a standalone desktop app, have you tried it?

Share your thoughts about the service by commenting below.

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