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Learn How to Be a Better Leader With This Leadership Course

There may be some of you who are out to seek that promotion to a department or office head this year. Or maybe even be the boss of one’s company. To be a manager, one has to possess particular skills that would make him or her a good leader. (Read: 7 Tips for Management Success) And that is what Courses …

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My Declaration – I’m a Writer


Hello everyone, This post has one goal and one goal only: To declare to everyone that I’m a writer. After going through one of Jeff Goins’ post, I am convinced of how important it is to declare that you are IN FACT a writer if you ever want to be a great one. If you’re a writer, I suggest that you do the same …

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Yay or Nay – Should You Hire a Business Coach?


Before we get down to the nitty gritty of things, let’s first talk about why we’re even discussing whether or not to have a business coach. The thing is, there are several misconceptions about having one and these misconceptions have caused several business startups (even established ones) to miss the invaluable benefits of having a business coach. It’s precisely because …

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